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Emily & updates!

Skai here! I’m going to be finally drawing up some things of  Emily today, SImon’s sister, Lydia’s daughter that they end up raising! Excited to share her with you all!

As for story updates! Sorry for the hiatus, we have been doing a lot of AU stuff, most you can find on our Instagrams (Skaikat and Aerosocks). As well as misc doodles of the boys. We’ve had requests for the “House Sitter” chapter to be available to read, so that will be next on our list!

Also! if you aren’t already, you can follow the boys on twitter (@JRSamms and @FawkesSays) they are both active on there and will talk to you.

Hope every one is okay!

I love how you can see one of the canines in Simon's selfie, so sexy


Did Giada and Sebastian had an affair? beacuse, and I quote, " she practically called her other son due to having a close relationship with his father"

Giada really liked Sebastian in their younger years, but she missed her chance when Jarrod’s mother moved in. She got together with Jon to try to make him jealous at first, and ended up staying with him as Scarlett and Sebastian never parted!

Have the boys ever cheated on one another? If not, has it ever crossed their mind?

Simon’s surprisingly big about not cheating, as it’s happened to him a lot, Jarrod has cheated on one other person(former wife, Genesis with Marissa) , but not while with Simon.

The both of them have made it pretty clear that they both are committed UuU

"Leaving Home" Simon Solo Story

Simon prepares to leave home after staying with his parents for a year and arguing with them about school.

Haha, whenever I go to my favourites and I hover over your blog, I ALWAYS say "Better see how the boys are doing!" That's all I call J+S now, 'my boys'

Awwww this makes us very happy QuQ <333 Thanks for your support! <3

Missed the livestream??

We can upload the recording of the stream with the boys playing slender if you guys are interested!


Thanks to everyone that came to our livestream! We had a ton of fun acting and talking to you guys as the boys!

Whereee’s the story? We have a question too!!

Sorry guys, no story update this week either, I’m in finals week and aero has a lot to do at work

HOWEVER! Exciting news, Friday Aero and I are meeting up in person! We want to know if you guys would be interested in coming to a livestream where you can ask us directly questions you have for the boys!

We’ve done a livestream together before, however we were in character doing a let’s play. If that sounds more interesting, we can do that again too!

Let us know if you’d be interested! And if in character or OOC sounds better for you! We’d probably do it next Monday evening!

Have a brilliant day guys OuO

are you gonna fix the "about" page? :)

Ahh It’s fixed now anon! Sorry for the confusion!

Simon, can you promise me something? Don't break Jarrod's heart. You too Jarrod, never. Live happy!

I don’t think either of them are gonna do that, anon! They’re both as happy as they could ever be when they are together! C:

wasn&#8217;t gonna upload this, but I&#8217;m gonna be busy the next week or so
Figured I&#8217;d post a dumb thing for the time being C:

wasn’t gonna upload this, but I’m gonna be busy the next week or so

Figured I’d post a dumb thing for the time being C: