and then 10 years happened

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Happy Monday!

There’s only one week left of the Meeting Again chapter!

You’re a hairy man, Simon Fawkes.

Hey, what is exactly "gatorade"? i've seen it un old drawings too, is the name of the ship?

It’s the ship name! Started from a really dumb joke CX

Hence fruitysportsdrink! >u>

"You’re not lonely if you like the person you’re alone with."~Dr. Wayne Dyer

"You’re not lonely if you like the person you’re alone with."
~Dr. Wayne Dyer

Oldest jarrod, and oldest simon! Dated back in 2012 when they were both gijinkas (: 


Happy Monday!

Mondays will now be story update days C:

Oh gosh. Please tell me Jarrod is still into gloving. I don't know what I'll do if you say "no."

He grows out of it halfway through his senior year of high school, sorry anon! Though I’d imagine it’s a thing he never really forgets how to do.

Is Simon still clingy to Jarrod after Jarrod comes back from a trip that Simon didn't go with him? (I remember something like that in their gijinka forms so just wondering if that still applies or just a gijinka thing?)

It’s been changed! Actually that happens before their relationship and poor Jarrod comes home to a trashed house. His isn’t happy at all. I’m fairly certain we have that part as a chapter already!

So I stayed a long time in your page, and paying attention where were the people, who visited the page, from; and I noticed a BIG variety of places, from Norway, to Mexico, (Argentina - me), EEUU, Canada, etc. It's crazy because there are loads of people around the world and we don't even know each other but we share this fandom, idk, it was interesting for me

We were thinking the same! It’s so cool how many of you there are! Thank you guys so much!!

Hey, do you have a script of the foreplay of the boys of their first time?

We have a paragraph version of it!

Do you guys usually RP paragraph or script style? Which do you prefer more?

Usually paragraph for serious things, script for spur of the moment ideas c:

I found skai's instagram, were she posts sometimes some things of the boys (some of them were never uploaded to the web, so I had to keep the actual photo of the screen) but do you, aero, have an instragram?

Yes i do! Its Aerosocks (: 

Where are you, skai and aero, from?

Skai is originally from England, and now lives in California. Aero is from Texas, and currently lives there. (:

If Jarrod is ENFJ, what's Simon?